What Was The First Polish Video Game Studio?

Poland is one of the fastest-moving creative hubs for video games, with the biggest studio in Europe headquartered there as well as dozens of other creative studios creating some of the most critically acclaimed and commercially successful releases in recent history.

The biggest and most famous of these by far is CD Projekt Red, initially a polish translation company that localised popular releases such as Baldur’s Gate before becoming the interactive stewards of Wiedźmin, one of Poland’s most famous literary properties.

As well as CDPR, however, several major studios have produced a wide variety of critically acclaimed and commercially successful games.

These include People Can Fly, the creators of Painkiller, Bulletstorm and Outriders, as well as Superhot team, creators of the acclaimed VR game of the same name, and 11 Bit Studios, creators of haunting survival game This War Of Mine, the first video game to be placed on the official Polish school reading list.

As well as these there are companies such as Flying Wild Hog (Shadow Warrior), Techland (Dying Light, Dead Island), and Bloober Team (The Medium).

This critical acclaim and success for the Polish video game industry is remarkable given that the industry is barely three decades old in Poland, with the earliest known video game company in the region only slightly older than the Third Republic, when Poland moved into a market economy.

This company, P.Z.Karen Co. Development Group, was a subsidiary of Logical Dream Works, an American company that typically sold games under the California Dreams label.

As a result of this, the games in question, which included the racing game Street Rod and the puzzle game Block Out, were not exactly representative of the potential of Polish Game designers.

Similarly, whilst Techland was founded in 1991, it did not make its own games until 1999, leaving the first notable Polish video game company to be Metropolis Software, makes of Teen Agent, Gorky 17 and the first people to attempt a game based on The Witcher.