Do You Need An Interpreter For A Car Accident?

Drivers are currently at greater risk on the road, as a result of the icy weather conditions, which is why they might need a polish interpreter now more than ever. 

The UK has been plunged into freezing temperatures, snow, and ice, due to an Arctic wind. This is likely to result in an increase in road traffic accidents, due to skidding on ice, people not leaving enough space between other vehicles, and poor visibility through windscreens. 

The RAC has even warned drivers about how to reduce the chances of having an accident, saying: “Our advice is to be winter ready – check tyres are properly inflated and with good tread, while topping up oil, coolant and screen wash levels if needed.”

However, if you do find yourself in a car accident but your first language is not English, it is well worth having a translator to help you. 

You are likely to have to talk to the police about what happened, or at the very least exchange insurance details if there was another car involved in the accident. 

These procedures might be completely different to what you are used to at home, while the legal language used could also confuse you. 

In addition to this, being in a collision can lead to shock, which makes it harder to think straight and be both rational and practical. 

Therefore, having a polish translator in London to relay the legalities and procedures to you would be invaluable in situations like these.