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Welcome to my English-Polish Translation Services website.

If you are looking for a qualified Translation into Polish, look no further!

I am a London-based fully qualified Translator, Tutor and an Interpreter with 14 years of experience and an impressive track record.

Why use an over-priced translation agency if you can have a reasonably priced, personal service provided directly by the Translator?

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Jestem tłumaczem z 14-letnim doświadczeniem pracy w zawodzie na terenie Wielkiej Brytanii. Posiadam wszystkie kwalifikacje, potrzebne do świadczenia usług tłumaczeniowych, zarówno jako tłumacz pisemny – posiadam tytuł magistra, podyplomowe studia z zakresu tłumaczeń, University of Westminster,
tłumacz ustny (dyplom DPSI, upoważniający mnie do pracy w sądach i znajduję się na oficjalnym rejestrze tłumaczy policyjnych) Nauczyciel i wykładowca - prowadzę zajęcia przygotowawcze do egzaminu DPSI i egzaminu dla tłumaczy policyjnych oraz prowadzę zajęcia grupowe – nauczanie języka angielskiego dla matek z dziećmi.

English courses for mothers with children

Story time

What’s stopping mothers with small children from getting a job? High cost of childcare and poor English! That’s why I decided to run English courses for mothers with children. Classes are held at my private address on Monday mornings and children are playing in the room next door under a watchful eye of a child-minder. It’s a clear winner. TheseRead the Rest…

Translation services


A GOOD TRANSLATION SHOULD NOT READ LIKE A TRANSLATION I believe that a good Translator can only convey the meaning accurately and with a flair if they have a full understanding of the subject matter. I therefore only offer Translation Services in areas I have a keen interest in and have a good understanding of. My work involves extensive researchRead the Rest…

Interpreting services


• Public Service Interpreting In my 12 years of experience working within the Criminal Justice System in the UK as an Interpreter I have been working on numerous high-profile cases in courts, tribunals, at police stations, prisons etc. as well as working with top UK legal firms specialising in various aspects of law, from Criminal and Family Law to BusinessRead the Rest…

DPSI / Met police preparatory course

I provide tutoring sessions with interpreters preparing for the DPSI and Metropolitan Police Tests. These sessions involve tutorials during which students practise role-plays, sight translation, simultaneous and consecutive interpreting as well as theory – explanation of the Criminal Justice System in the UK, police and courts procedures, probation, wills and probates, social services and housing. Contact me for further detailsRead the Rest…